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Color By Numbers

Secret Ian
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You have stumbled upon the Secret Ian Vaughan Page

All you hardcore CBN fans surely recognize this fellow known as Sir Ian Vaughan.  He is the original bassist for Color By Numbers.  That's right! the ORIGINAL!  1st of 9 or so bass players.  He was honorably discharged in 2002, so he could attend college at Ball State University.  We couldn't talk him into transferring to I Paid For What, which was saddening.  HOWEVER, ever since then, whenever we have needed a bassist to jump in and save a show for us, it has been Mr. Ian Vaughan that was up for the job.  That's right,  he drives miles just to play a house show with us if need be.  He will forever be a part of CBN and forever be in our hearts.  Long live and God bless Ian Vaughan.

Ian is hardcore.